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Brand: JoJo Modern Pets

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Product Description


Bowls for dogs set, includes one water resistant non-skid mat (18.5″ x 11″) and two powder-coated stainless steel bowls(each 6.3″).

Each pet bowl holds up to 4 cups of dry food.

Our dog items are safety tested and easy to clean.

Care Instructions: To relax mat, remove from the packaging and place the face of the mat firmly against iron surface for 10-15 minutes. Wash dinnerware set with soap and water before using.

Stay on feeding placemat has a light magnetic layer and the bowls are a certain grade of stainless steel, minimizing bowl flipping action. Limiting a mess!

Standard Volume Capacity Measurements for Pet Food Bowls and Pet Water Bowls:

8 oz/1 cup/227 ml/ .5 Pint

16 oz/2 cups/473 ml/ 1 Pint

24 oz/3 cups/709 ml/ 1.5 Pints

32 oz/4 cups/946 ml/ 1 Quart

64 oz/8 cups/1.9 L/ 2 Quarts

Standard Size Measurements for Pet Food Bowls and Pet Water Bowls:

1 Pint – 5½" W x 2" H

1.5 Pint – 6" W x 2" H

1 Quart – 6½" W x 2⅛" H

2 Quart – 8" W x 3" H

3 Quart – 9" W x 3½" H

5 Quart – 9½" W x 2" H