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Brand: Tea for Spot

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Product Description

This is a blend of tea and anti-microbial herbs that combat lingering bacteria in your dog’s mouth and provide natural breath fresheners as well.Each Tin contains 20 Tea Bags. 

Contains:  Atlantic Kelp*, Peppermint*, Fennel*, Chicken, Parsley*, Rose Hips*, Decaffeinated Green Tea*, Chicken Bone Broth (Note: *certified organic)

What is Tea for Spot™?
Tea for Spot™ is just that….tea for dogs! It is a 100% caffeine free, proprietary blend of organic tea, herbs, spices, and all-natural ingredients that are widely accepted as safe and dog-friendly by nutritionists and holistic practitioners. For centuries, humans have enjoyed the daily health benefits, the moments of escape from  the busyness of life, and the social aspects of drinking tea. Tea for Spot™ brings this same, simple indulgence to dogs.Tea for Spot™ is for pet parents who care about
their dog’s well-being and know the value of establishing healthy habits through wholesome food and drinks. They take time and effort to care for and connect with their pets through beneficial products that their pets enjoy.

Atlantic Kelp- (Ascophyllum nodosum) is an herb that comes from deep under the sea where the seaweed thrives on sunlight and takes in nutrients and minerals present in the water. Bacillus lichenformis is a form of helpful bacteria found in kelp that, when present in the oral cavity, releases an enzyme that breaks down the bad bacteria which lead to the formation of dental plaques and tartar. Kelp offers other important immune system health benefits for dogs. It is rich in nutrients, is an anti-carcinogen, supports glandular health, blood health, and gastrointestinal health, is anti-diabetic, and lowers LDL cholesterol. Our kelp is organically grown in clean Canadian Atlantic waters. Not recommended for use during pregnancy, due to natural iodine content. 
Peppermint- (menthe piperita) has been used medicinally for thousands of years to help treat bad breath, the common cold, to calm inflammations and to soothe digestive problems.
Fennel- (foeniculum vulgare) is rich in phytoestrogens and is often used for irritable bowel and improving digestive system. Fennel relaxes the smooth muscle lining the digestive tract, making it an antispasmodic. They also help in the absorption of food stuff – thereby helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean and helping with digestion.
Chicken- Because dogs like it! Steamed chicken meat with rosemary extract (<1%). The meat is free of all extraneous parts, such as hearts, gizzards, livers, kidneys, cartilage, and bone.
Parsley- (petroselinum) is rich in vitamin A, C, folic acids and antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is often added to canine products as breath fresheners and to soothe stomachs.
Rose Hips- (rosa canina) are an excellent source of vitamin C and are fantastic immune system boosters. The variety of antioxidants: carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols and catechins are good cancer and cardiovascular disease preventatives. In addition, the fruit acids and pectin in rose hips are a mild diuretic and laxative. 
Decaffeinated Green Tea- (camellia sinensis) is high in anti-oxidants and is widely known in the holistic and general medicinal worlds to help reduce risk of heart-related illness such as hypertension and congestive heart failure. Note: Caffeine is not suitable for dogs.
Chicken Bone Broth- rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorous.

How do I brew a proper cup of tea for my dog? Just like you would brew a cup of tea for yourself! Steep Tea for Spot in an 8-10 ounce cup of water for 3-5 minutes. Allow to cool adequately before serving. Some dog parents add ice cubes to cool the brew quickly.
Can I make ice tea with Tea for Spot? Yes! Some dogs prefer their tea iced. Use 3-4 tea bags for every quart of boiling water. Let tea bags steep for 5 minutes. Remove bags & chill.
How often should my dog drink Tea for Spot? Any of the Tea for Spot blends can be served daily. In fact, better results will be obtained when Leaps & Bounds and Kissably Canine are consumed on a daily basis.