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Hard Chewers Box #1

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    The Hard Chewers Box is available as Medium or Large Box. The Medium Box includes: 1 Nylon Antler Ear, 1 Nylon Deer Horn, 1 Medium Nylon Bone, 1 Medium Nylon Rawhide Bone

    The Large Box includes: 1 Nylon Antler Ear, 1 Nylon Deer Horn, 1 Large Nylon Bone, 1 Large Nylon Rawhide Bone

    • 10” Nylon Antler Ear: Our Nylon Antler Ear is perfect for hard chewers and made with 100% all-natural, durable materials that are an affordable vegan option than animal  bones. The antler ear is textured consisting of little nubs and grooves that help stimulate your dog’s natural predatory instincts. Even better, the textures feel great along your dog’s mouth and help relieve stress and anxiety. 
    • 7.8” Deer Horn: Our Nylon Deer Horn is made up of THICK durable, rock-solid material that hard chewers will LOVE! Designed with a ribbed texture and small nubs that will feel amazing along your dog’s tongue. 
    • 6" (Medium) / 8” (Large) Nylon Rawhide Bone: smooth and heavy this resembles real rawhide and is a heavy chewer’s favorite 
    • 6" (Medium) / 8” (Large) Classic Nylon Bone: This 8” bone is a classic all Nylon bone with ridges and numbs. Your dog will absolutely love this bone and it is great for alleviating their constant urge to chew. 
    • All made with high-quality, 100% safe and recyclable materials that are made to last!
    • Promotes Dental Health: Each chew toy promotes your dog’s dental health by scraping away excess tartar from your dog’s teeth. The act of chewing also maintains and supports your dog’s jaw strength.
    • Chew Meter: 5
    • V-Score: 2 Fetch/ Chew
    • Eco-Scale: 3
    • Vegan: Yes
    • Best for medium to large sized dogs!
    • Pieces: 4