Eco Scores

Understanding how products get Scores-
Each one of our products get an Eco Score. This ranking is based on a zero to five ranking. Five being the highest with regards to the environment and zero being the worst. 
When giving the box a score we weight a variety of factors. 
Resoponsibel Materials- We work hard to create products that come from sustainable resources. In some cases because of health and safety and durability the goal of creating an environmentally neutral product is achieved by other means. 
Ethical Production- Each one of our factories are independently owned. They are certified for safety, cruelty free, no child labor and a  living wage. 
Efficient Life Cyle- By creating durable products that have rankings like "chew strength" consumers are educated on what level of use they can expect from the product. Reuse and durability of products reduces carbon food prints and creat minimal waste
Minimal Impact- Each one of our products either comes from a sustainable resource, recyleced materials or is an item that can be recyleced.  
After weighing all these factors you get the Eco Factor number which will let you know the impact your purchase has on the environment. 
We hope one day to have each product be a 5 in an effort to create a more perfect environmentally balanced planet.