About Us

Over the last decade the members of Adog.co have been committed to creating beautiful items for you and your dog. Our passion for pets has brought our products in o your home and our commitment to quality has kept you as a customer. 
As consumers all of our buying habits have evolved. We are much more aware how our purchases affect the planet we share. Adog.co is making a commitment to sustainability by creating boxes for your dog that will cut waste by focusing on sustainability in our offerings. 
Our goal is to have a zero emissions company and still create the pet products your dog loves. We will still continue to work with ethical independent pet brands and offer their products. This is a big step in the story of Adog.co and we look forward to you and your dog joining us on the journey. 
Change needs transition time. We do not claim to di everything perfect but we will try our best to provide the best products while being conscious of the environmental impact. of those products. 
If there is anything we can improve on or a product you would like to recommend we carry please reach out to us at info@adog.co