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Brand: adog.co

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Product Description

This set comes with the 19 piece travel first aid kit and seatbelt leash. 

The Pet Seatbelt Leash 2 in 1 works wonders when pet safety is a priority.

Easy to attach and adjust. Intended to directly clip into seat-belt slot.

Padded grip on leash fit for comfort. 

  • Extends up to 4.5 feet as a walking leash.
  • Shortens up to 24 inches for seat-belt use.

Made with 100% Nylon. Available in Steel Gray. 

The 19 Piece Travel Kit includes a carabiner to easily attach to your leash while hiking or for your car. 

  • 1 bottle saline solution
  • 2 pieces sting relief pad
  • 1 pair PVC glove
  • 3 packs sterile gauze pads 3"x3" (2 pieces per packet)
  • 1 roll medical tape
  • 1 roll PBT bandage
  • 1 scissors
  • 4 pcs cleansing wipe

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