Your Doggo’s Chewing Habits

Hello Tribe Members! 💜💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear here to tell you about why your dog might chew on people or things they’re not supposed to, and how to teach them to be good doggos. 😁

General Habits

Lots of puppies chew so they can explore what's around them. They’re still new to the world, so they use their mouths to know what it’s like. 🌎 Puppies will also chew to relieve some pain from teething, because it can be an uncomfortable process, just like other mammals like humans and, you guessed it, Yetties. Dogs will keep chewing after they’ve grown out of their puppy stage, too, because it keeps their teeth clean, and keeps their jaws strong. 🦷 They will also sometimes chew to relieve anxiety, because they’re hungry, or just for fun. 😁 This can turn into a problem if the doggo is destructive, chewing on objects they’re not supposed to, or even biting people. Destructive chewing can be frustrating, but it’s common, and you can train your dog to stop chewing up your shoes or stealing your socks. 

How to Stop Inappropriate Chewing

Giving your doggo the proper toys is a big step in the right direction for training away from inappropriate chewing. Inedible bones and other toys meant for chewing are perfect to keep your dog busy for a long period of time. 🦴🦴 Having a variety of tough chew toys that are interesting for your dog is important to keeping them curious in their own things instead of yours. 💪 Edible options, like bully sticks, are another great solution to inappropriate chewing. The toys and chews will all help with your doggo’s chewing habits, but the real key is teaching them the difference between what’s okay to chew and what’s not. 🔑 One simple way of doing this training is replacement. If your dog is chewing something bad, you should tell them no, and give them one of their own toys instead!

Dog Bites

It may be frustrating if your doggo is chewing your things, but it’s definitely more serious if your dog is biting people. 😱 Dogs usually don’t just bite for no reason, so what provokes them to bite someone? Many dogs will bite someone in the name of protection, especially if someone they don’t know or trust comes into their territory or onto their property. If the dog has a history of biting or has come from an abusive home or shelter, they will be more likely to bite if they feel threatened. Dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered may also be more aggressive. Many dog bites can be prevented, though. To be safe around all doggos, try not to bother them if they’re eating or chewing on a tasty treat. 🍗 Also, don’t scare a dog when they’re asleep. 💤 You wouldn’t like that very much if you were asleep, and I know I wouldn’t. If you’re a dog owner, let them socialize with other dogs, people, and animals regularly, so they’re more comfortable in general. Especially if a dog hasn’t been around kids, (or if you know that kids will bother your doggo) make sure you supervise them, or even keep them at a distance if you really have to. Make sure you’re understanding of your doggo to make sure everyone stays safe, including them! 🐶💜

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