Why Tennis Balls are the Perfect Toy

Hey my Tribe Members!! 💜💜💜  Yettie in the Pink Underwear here to tell you about why your doggos like the game of fetch so much. Now some of your doggos might not be the active type, but chances are they at least enjoy a little bit of fetch. 😁 


The Best Tennis Ball Set

Our agility balls are perfect for any dog, and we now have a toy set that includes every fetch toy your doggo could ever want. 😱 This pack comes with a small agility ball, a large agility ball, a pacifier toy, a boomerang toy, and another rubbery ball toy. The tennis balls in these toys are even removable for more fun ways to play. If the tennis ball gets dirty or punctured, you can replace it with a brand new one, or your doggo will fall in love with the toys without the ball. 💜 Our agility balls have a unique design for a one-of-a-kind fetch experience for you and your doggo. They fly farther and bounce more to make fetch more exciting for your doggo and easier for you! 😆 The rubbery feature makes it more convenient for your dog to pick up and carry. The pacifier toy is a rare type of toy that includes the tennis ball aspect as well as a slot to put a treat for a tasty surprise for your doggo. The boomerang toy doesn’t come back to you on its own, so it’s another perfect toy for fetch. 😋 This toy has 2 different slots for treats, so your dog will enjoy it even after they’re all tired out from retrieving it for you. The last rubbery ball toy has nubs all over that are perfect for chewing. The bumps and ribs are meant to feel good on your doggo’s gums, so they’ll want to chew on this toy for hours, with or without the tennis ball. 👍 The squeaky removable balls for these toys are perfect for dogs of all sizes, but their small size could make them not ideal (on their own) for giant dogs that are prone to swallowing them. 

Why Does Your Doggo Even Like Fetch?

Your dog’s love of chasing after a ball and bringing it back to you is actually already ingrained in them when they’re born. Lots of dogs were bred to retrieve things for their humans, so that instinct has been passed down to many generations in your doggo’s family tree. 🌳🌳 People used to have breeds like retrievers and other hunting dogs to search for food for their families, dating as far back as 15,000 years ago!  They decided which dogs were best at these things, and bred them together to have puppies with even better foraging skills for their family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Dogs quickly get hooked on the game because it doesn’t take them long to figure out that they’re really good at it. Both main parts of fetch, chasing and retrieving, come from this hunting instinct, and the game allows your doggo to show off those awesome skills. ✨ It is even believed that dogs play fetch more for their own enjoyment than for any reward or treat we can give them. The activity component of the game is always good exercise for your doggo, and it even causes their brain to release Serotonin (known as the feel-good hormone), just like in humans. 😁 The best part of fetch for dogs, though, is getting to spend all that time with you! Doggos love spending time with their owners, and playing fetch is perfect for them and you, since it doesn’t take much energy for people to throw a ball (and it’s even easier for Yetties). Not only does fetch provide an opportunity for owners and their doggos to bond, it also secures your role as alpha over your pup. 💪 They gladly obey your commands to retrieve, and love the praise you give them for doing what they’re good at. 💜😁 Your doggo’s love for fetch combined with the variety of tennis ball toys make tennis balls the perfect toy for any dog.

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