Toys and Other Products to Keep your Doggo Happy and Healthy

Hello Tribe Members! 💜💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear back to tell you about the most important things your doggo needs! From toys to beds to other everyday products, you and your pup can find everything you need right here on A Dog Company. 😁😁

What Kinds of Toys are Right for my Doggo?

When you’re choosing toys for your doggo, you want to consider how big they are and how active they are. If you pick toys that are too big or too small for your pup, they won’t be able to play with them. ☹️ Thinking about how active your dog is while picking toys ensures that they’ll be happy to play. Dogs that are bigger need stronger toys for chewing, thick ropes for chewing and tugging, and medium to large size balls if they’re active and interested in playing fetch. 💪 Medium-sized dogs are good with medium strength or stronger chew toys (depending on how much they chew), medium-sized balls for fetch, plush toys, and medium-sized ropes that are good for tug-of-war. Dogs that are smaller in size need smaller balls they can fit in their mouths for fetch. Stuffed toys with squeakers inside and plush toys are also great for small dogs. 😁

What Other Products does my Doggo Need?

Not surprisingly, most of the petcare supplies your dog will need are based on their breed and size. 😁 Bigger dogs need bigger beds, but medium-sized and smaller dogs should also have beds that correspond to their sizes. Comfort is key when it comes to doggo beds, so make sure your dog enjoys the size (and shape) of their bed. 💤 Even if you’re planning on having your pup sleep in your bed, they should have a bed of their own. Knowing your doggo is also important when choosing their food bowl. 🍗 You can check out our other blog post here for information on how to pick your dog’s food bowl. When you’re looking for leashes, always check the weight limit (if there is one) so you’ll know for sure if it can support your pet. 💪 Leashes are essential for all dogs, no matter their size and activity level. Collars are important for carrying your pet’s identification information and other important tags. Your dog’s collar shouldn’t be loose enough for them to slip their head out, but also shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight. Adjustable collars are ideal for a comfortable fit. Health supplies like dental care and supplements for teeth, coat, skin, and eyes can help your dog live a happier and healthier life. 😁 Some bigger breeds may also need joint supplements, since they’re more at risk for developing Degenerative Joint Disease. Shampoo and conditioner are important for keeping your doggo clean, and you should also look into detanglers and brushes to groom your dog. 🛁 Dogs with longer and matted fur will likely need a detangling spray and a few types of brushes or combs to keep their coats looking nice and neat. ✨✨ Shorter-coated doggos will probably only need one type of brush to keep up with shedding and normal grooming. If you’re planning on traveling with your pup, travel bowls and water bottles are perfect compact solutions.  A working flea and tick treatment and a first aid kit are important products to keep for protecting your pet while you’re on the go. ⛑

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