In our last blog, we talked about important things to keep in mind when going to the dog park. We have a few more tips we would like to give you today to make sure your trip to the park is as enjoyable as possible.

Leave if Your Dog Isn’t Having Fun

No matter how much fun you are having, the whole trip will be a bust if your dog is scared. If other dogs are beginning to get out of control, pay attention and take that opportunity to go home. However, if your dog has never looked happier, consider staying a little longer so it can keep having the time of its life!

Save Treats and Toys for Later

Oftentimes, treats and toys can excite dogs other than your own, and they may try to steal the toys away from your dog. Wait until you get home to reward your dog for its excellent behavior at the dog park! If it didn’t use up all of its energy at the park, you can always play with toys when you get home.

Keep an Eye Open

Be sure to watch your dog vigilantly to make sure it is having a good time and is behaving well with other dogs and people. Try not to cluster with other humans, as many dogs may swarm that area and become easily excited by all the activity. Remember, it is your job as an owner to help keep the dog park safe and fun!

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