The Yettie’s Pick for Leashes and Collars

Helloooooo Tribe members! 💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear is back and it’s about time I talked about collars and leashes. 😁 Every doggo needs a leash and a collar, so make sure you get the right size in a color or pattern that will look great on your doggo. ✨✨

Why Do You Need a Leash and Collar?

A leash and a collar are two of the most important things you can get for your doggo! A collar is essential for holding your dog’s tags. 😊 Tags have your dog’s necessary information, like their name, your phone number and/or address, any important medical information (like their history of shots), and any other important details you’d like to include. 👍 A collar is the best way (and pretty much the only way) to keep this information with your dog at all times! Keeping tags and a collar on your dog is important in keeping them safe, even if you’re not with them. 💜💜 Don’t forget a matching leash though, because they’re just as important collars! Leashes of course let you keep your dog close while you’re away from home. ✈️🚗 Even well-trained and well-behaved dogs can be tempted to run away from something scary or go chasing something if they’re not on a leash. 😱 Your doggo will still have some roaming room and freedom with a leash, but you’ll be able to have more control over your doggo’s safety. It’s also important to remember to buy new collars and leashes for your dog as they grow. ✨💪 Even if your dog is fully grown, old collars can get worn out, so make sure you get them new and durable collars and leashes (we have perfect ones on our website)!!!

What’s With All the Colors?

Everyone knows that every doggo has a different collars and leashes are the perfect way to dress your doggo up and show off their personality! 😝🥰 Our designer collars and leashes were created with your doggo in mind, and we have a wide range of colors and patterns to fit any doggo’s likes and sizes. 😱 We have bright sets like the pineapple pattern, cactus pattern, nuevo giraffe pattern, and watermelon pattern that will look great and stand out on any fur color. 💥 Our nuevo leopard set and neutral geometric sets are great options for doggos who like cooler colors, and the pink unicorn set was made for all the boho lovers out there. 😘 No matter what you and your doggo are into, we have the perfect leash and collar set for you! I, the Yettie, personally recommend anything with pink in it (since that is my favorite color, you know). 💕💜

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