The Best Summer Tips for Your Doggo

Hello Tribe! 💜💜 It’s the Yettie in the Pink Underwear back to let you in on the best tips for you and your doggo this summer. ☀️☀️ The first step in having the best summer ever is making sure you have our summer travel kit! Whether you’re planning a roadtrip or a staycation, this pack has everything you and your doggo need. 😁

What’s the Travel Kit? 

This set comes with a 2 piece travel bowl, a pair of agility tennis balls, a seatbelt leash, a 19 piece pet first aid kit, and a free surprise gift! 😱 The travel bowl is made of canvas, with a lid that zips to close over the bowl, so it can act as a storage container as well. The tennis ball set includes a small ball (2.7 inches), and a large ball (3.5 inches). The seat belt leash is a 35 inch leash that buckles into the seat of your car to keep your doggo from climbing all over the car while you’re driving. The first aid kit includes a bottle of saline solution, 2 sting relief pads, a pair of PVC gloves, 3 packs of 3 inch by 3 inch sterile gauze pads, a roll of medical tape, a roll of PBT bandage, a pair of scissors, and 4 cleansing wipes all in a compact bag. This first aid kit has the essentials for common pet emergencies your pet could face! The travel kit is crucial for all types of dogs, and it's even perfect for Yetties. 😁😁

Things to Do this Summer

Now that you have a cool travel kit, here’s some awesome things you can go do with it this summer. Going on a hike is a fun option to keep you and your doggo active, while also being able to experience the beautiful outdoors. Make sure you choose to go out on a day that won’t be too hot for your dog, and don’t forget to bring water to keep your doggo hydrated. You know your dog best, so pick a place or trail that you know they’ll be able to walk on the whole time. You don’t want your dog to get too tired out in the middle of your hike! 🦮🏃Another fun outdoor activity for you to do with your doggos this summer is going camping. Camping is another fun way for you and your pet to get out of the house safely. Choose a pet-friendly campsite, and include your doggo in all your favorite camping activities. Just make sure you keep them away from the s’mores chocolate. 🍫 Enjoying food with your dog isn’t completely off the table, though, because the two of you can go on a picnic together. You can picnic just about anywhere you want (and you can even invite a friend) to enjoy the nice summer weather. 🌤 If you’re the crafty or cooking type, making homemade treats for your doggo is an activity you will both for sure enjoy. You’ll have something fun and exciting to do, and your dog will have something fun and exciting to eat! You know the types of foods your dog likes and dislikes, so you can customize your creation to make your doggo’s new favorite treat. 😋 If your dog is extra cute, (which I bet they are) you can have a photoshoot! This is a fun idea for anyone who wants to show off their doggo at home, outside, and anywhere else they look photogenic. In fact, you can take pictures of you and your doggo doing any of these fun summer activities, and look back on the exciting times you had together. 📸

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