The Best Paw Cleaning Lifehack

Hey there Tribe! 💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear is back today to tell you all about one of my favorite new grooming products. ✨🧼 It’s so versatile that you can use it at any place or time for so many purposes. 

My Favorite Tool

This magical multipurpose tool is my 2 in 1 reversible paw cleaner and grooming brush. 🐕🐕 I use this for my fur too sometimes, but it’s perfect for your doggo’s paws. This product is made from silicone, so it’s soft, strong, and flexible. 💪✋ When the bristles are flipped outside, they’re soft enough to brush through your dog’s fur without causing them any discomfort. 😌😄  Your hand can easily fit inside the glove, and there are even holes on the side for your thumb! 👐😱 This glove can easily fit on either hand, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a righty or a lefty. 💕 This feature also allows you to use both sides of the glove without having to switch hands! When the bristles are flipped inside the glove, they’re strong enough to remove mud, sand, dirt, and anything else from your doggo’s dirty paws. 🏝🍂 Just add a little water (or even some shampoo too if you want) to the inside of the glove and after just a few seconds of rubbing around, your doggo’s paws will be totally clean! 🧽✨ Gently dry them with a towel, and it will be like they were never dirty to begin with. 🧺 Since the glove is easily transportable, you can quickly and easily clean your dog anywhere! 

Why Are Clean Paws Important?

There are so many benefits to keeping your dog’s paws clean! 🐩🐕 Besides the obvious results, (like keeping them from tracking mud into your house) paw cleaning keeps your dog happier and healthier. 😁😊 While they’re outside they naturally get dirty, but your doggo’s paw pads aren’t invincible. An injury on their paws is bad enough on its own, but getting dirt and mud on a burnt or cut paw pad makes it even worse. 🙁😱 Most dogs won’t wear booties or shoes, so gently cleaning their paws after they’ve been dirty is vital. Simply wiping your doggo’s paw pads off when they come inside often isn’t enough to reach the tough spots they really need cleaned. 🙅❌ Mud and pebbles can get stuck in between your dog’s toes, and many pups aren’t thrilled if you pick through their paws for a long time. 😖😡 Using a paw cleaner (like the one I love) is really the easiest way to make sure your doggo’s paws are as clean as they can be. It cleans better than a wipe or a rinse will, but it’s gentle enough to keep your dog happy while cleaning. 🥰🙂 You can even make your own paw cleaning solution (if you’re the DIY type) to go with your glove! When your happy doggo’s paws are finally clean, make sure they stay protected. 💪 Make sure you check your doggo’s paws for cuts, burns, and dry skin after they’re clean. Since you’re already looking at your dogs paws, this is the perfect time to make sure they’re all okay. 👍👌 Especially if your doggo’s paw pads are injured, you should use a paw balm after cleaning. Using a paw balm can stop your dog’s paws from cracking, peeling, and chapping, which will make even everyday walking much more comfortable. 😎💜 While your dog may not like their paws being touched (and every dog is different), they will love their clean and refreshed paws. 💕💜

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