Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you can skip teaching your dog how to swim! Oftentimes, new dog owners imagine their dog knows how to swim right from the beginning. However, many dogs do not know how to swim and must be encouraged and taught how to do so.

Stay Safe

Some breeds of dog cannot swim at all! Keep that in mind before you take your dog into the water. If it is your dog’s first time swimming, consider investing in a life jacket or other floatation advice to help them in their swimming adventure. Also, never let your dog swim unattended in the water! Even the strongest of swimming dogs grow tired and don’t know what to do if you’re not nearby.

Begin Slowly

Just as you should never start children in the deep end, you should never let dogs start swimming in water where they can’t touch, especially if they have never swum before. Walk your dog into a shallow area where you can walk with them. Your dog may get scared, which is totally normal! Bring along a treat or toy to help coax them into the water. If your dog panics after entering the water, backup to a more shallow area and speak in positive tones so your dog knows they are doing a great job.

Once you are done with your swim, reward your pup with treats and plenty of attention! If you are looking for an online, independent pet supply store, Adog.co is your number one choice! Shop today for treats and toys to give to your brave swimmer!

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