Keeping Your Needy Dog Occupied

Do you have a needy dog? If so, you’re probably all-too familiar with that sad, pleading stare your pup shoots in your direction whenever they want something from you. It can be a real distraction, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on something important as their eyes follow you everywhere you go. Some breeds of dogs are just not content unless they’re busy doing something, and often that means you need to be doing something as well. In this blog, our independent pet supply store shares a few tips for keeping your dog occupied and avoiding that pathetic stare. Exercise...

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Dog Chew Toys

Getting The Most Out Of Your Dog Chew Toys

If you love your dog, you know there’s no greater pleasure than surprising your pup by giving them a brand new toy. Seeing their eyes light up and the way they sniff at it excitedly before carrying it off into their corner for closer inspection is a joy that every dog owner needs to experience. However, the excitement for a new toy is often never as great as that first moment. Fickle dogs can quickly tire of their chew toys, while others might destroy them in short order. In order to make your dog’s play and chew toys last as...

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