Doggie Birthday Ideas

Dog Birthday Parties: Unique Ideas Whether you celebrate your pup's actual birthday or the day he came home from the shelter, a puppy birthday party is a great excuse to have fun with your pet and some of your favorite fellow dog lovers. The first step in planning your party is to pick the location. If your friends are bringing their pooches, you may not want to have it at your house. Even if you have a large backyard there is cleanup after the dogs to consider. Think about local dog-friendly or dog-devoted areas. Many cities have dog parks specially...

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10 Puppy Party Tips

    Puppy Dog Party Ideas It’s your pup’s big day, how will you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Every dog lover wants to make his or her pup’s day special for everyone. We’ve got 10 great ideas for your doggie’s next birthday bash. 10. Pick the Perfect Location! Whether it is in your backyard or your dog’s favorite park, make sure its doggie-friendly. 9. Is it a hot summer day? Set up some kiddie pools outside for your doggie and his friends to play and cool off. 8. What would a Birthday be without a cake? Spoil your pup with...

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