Why You Should Care About Pet Bedding

Dogs and cats, while considered beloved members of our families, are often not provided with the same luxuries that are enjoyed by the humans in the household. Most of the time, this makes sense. For example, a dog at the dinner table during mealtime will only lead to messes and training issues. But there are some areas in which we might not be providing as kind of treatment as we could be. One case in point is pet bedding. With the availability of affordable, high-quality pet products online, you really should rethink the items you use to provide comfort to your animals. Here’s why.

Comfort & Posture

You might think your dog or cat is perfectly content to sprawl out on a hard, flat floor, but
 it’s not like they can complain! When you give your pup a
dog bed that is all their own, you will see how much they appreciate the extra padding. Years of sleeping on a hard floor could also lead to problems with the spine and bone structure, so make sure your pet’s health is protected with a nice, comfy amount of cushion.

Their Own Place

If you really want your dog or cat to feel at home in your house, giving them their own private resting spot is one of the best things you can do for them. Having a designated corner for your pet also helps to keep them from getting underfoot when you’re trying to walk around your house. When you’re bringing home a new pet, get a new bed just for them, and have it with you in the car to start building familiarity right away. Transitioning into a new environment will be much easier when your new dog or cat understands that you are making room in your home just for them.

Protecting Your Furniture

There’s only one thing harder than vacuuming pet hair off of your chairs and couches, and that’s keeping the animals off the furniture in the first place! Instead of fighting the endless battle of trying to discourage your pets from coming into contact with your upholstery, you could attack the problem from a different angle. A nice fleece throw blanket can be used to cover your furniture when you’re not using it, allowing pet hair to collect there instead of on your chairs and couches.

When you’re ready to give your pets the comfort they deserve, shop for pet products online at Adog.co, where we have a great selection of quality items from independent brands!

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