Getting The Most Out Of Your Dog Chew Toys

If you love your dog, you know there’s no greater pleasure than surprising your pup by giving them a brand new toy. Seeing their eyes light up and the way they sniff at it excitedly before carrying it off into their corner for closer inspection is a joy that every dog owner needs to experience. However, the excitement for a new toy is often never as great as that first moment. Fickle dogs can quickly tire of their chew toys, while others might destroy them in short order. In order to make your dog’s play and chew toys last as long as possible, here are some ideas from, your provider of the finest pet products online.

Mix It Up!

If your dog tends to get bored easily, it’s a good idea to keep a regular rotation of toys. Have a chest full of dog toys to choose from, and change which ones are actually out and available every few days. Working in new dog toys from time to time is also a great idea. Also make sure you have a variety: chew toys for working the jaws, balls and other dog toys that are better suited for throwing and playing fetch, and rope toys for engaging your pup in a game of tug-of-war!

Pick Them Up!

Don’t let any one toy sit around for too long. Instead, the next time you see it laying in the middle of the floor on your dog’s bed, pick it up and store it in your dog’s toy chest until it’s time to reintroduce it. This will allow you to keep their enthusiasm for a toy fresh by presenting it as something special, not just another object to blend into the background of everyday life. Once your dog recognizes a toy that’s been missing for a while, it will be just like the first time all over again!



Teach Your Dog How To Play

As mentioned earlier, different toys serve different purposes, and it’s important that your dog understands when it’s okay to chew and when a toy is meant more for playing or chasing. By training your dog not to chew up toys that aren’t meant to take that kind of punishment, you will be able to keep them from destroying softer plush toys that are better suited for cuddling.

Follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of each new toy you purchase for your furry friend. And be sure to come back to whenever you need to order new toys and pet products online!

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