Pet Beverages: What are they?

Hellooo my Tribe Members! 💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear is back to discuss the latest up and coming pet category known as Pet Beverages.🐾 So what are they? 

You might have seen Busch launch their new dog brew back in 2020. Don’t worry, it’s not REAL beer! There is NO alcohol or hops in these tasty treats and it is completely canine safe! Doggy wine and beer are completely natural and specially micro-brewed from chicken or beef bone broth to create a rich flavorful taste your dog will absolutely LOVE! 😍

As you may know, Adog is now featuring doggy beer and wine bundles!🍷🍻Choose between our Farmhouse Country Bowl, “I love you so much” Bowl, or a Tennis Ball🎾 set to pair with these tasty treats. What makes these beverage treats even better is the fact that they consist of essential vitamins and minerals for boosting your doggo’s health.💗 These USA made drinks contain tons of antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Some of which include beet powder, omega 3 oil, salmon oil and turmeric which are PAWFECT for your doggo’s digestive, cognitive, and heart health. PLUS the drinks don’t contain artificial coloring and are 100% vegan!! 🙌🏼 😃

Even if your doggo isn’t a huge drinker, the treats can act as a natural food softener by pouring it over solid foods. Beverage treats are also a great alternative if your dog has trouble taking vitamin pills such as our Total Health and Joint Relief supplements. Just make sure to use these beverages as treats as they are NOT meal replacements. We are now in the era of “humanizing” our pets in any shape, way, or form. Just think how fun it would be to kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice cold glass of beer or wine with your furry friend! Who says doggos can’t PAWTY too? 😃🎉

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