Music Therapy: Doggie Edition

Helloooo Tribe Members!!!! The Yettie in the Pink Underwear back to discuss the benefits of music for your doggo! 💜💜 Music therapy has been used across history as a natural remedy for reducing stress and anxiety. Did you know this same technique can be used for your doggo as well? Some research has found that music can actually reduce your doggo’s stress and anxiety levels. 🐶🐾

What Kind of Music?

With all the different music genres out there, how do we know which one to choose from? Reggae, soft-rock, and classical music have been directly shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels in dogs. Researchers at the University of Glasgow played five different genres of music for shelter dogs with anxiety. This included classical, soft-rock, pop, reggae, and Motown. The dogs’ heart rate variability, cortisol levels and behaviors were recorded for measuring their stress levels both with and without music. Overall, the researchers found that the dogs’ stress levels were lower on the days they listened to music. Surprisingly, the researchers found that the dogs’ preferred reggae and soft-rock slightly more than others, leading them to question whether each dog has his or her own taste in music.😆 Whether or not, one thing is for certain--music is a great way to calm your doggo down in times of stress.👍 🎼

Try Mixing it Up

Just as you wouldn’t want to listen to the same songs everyday, your doggo doesn’t either. The same researchers found that music variation is necessary is you plan on reducing your dog’s stress and anxiety for the long-term. Dogs eventually become habituated and bored listening to the same music all the time, this is why mixing it up is key. You can even try making a pawfect playlist that includes different genres to see what your doggo likes best. Lastly, for the busy dog owners out there who may not have time, don’t worry as there are tons of playlists online to choose from that are specially dedicated to our furry friends! 💕

Quick Yettie Tip: If you decide to try music therapy for doggos especially with separation anxiety, make sure to play music when you are at home as well. Otherwise, they can associate music playing with you leaving, and this will further trigger their anxiety. 😢💔

If you want to learn more about doggo separation anxiety, go check out our blog for more tips to help! 💓

-Yettie 💜

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