Keeping Your Doggo Cool in the Summer

Happy summer my Tribe Members! 💜☀️💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear is back with some of the best ways to keep your dog from overheating while you both relish in the warm weather. During the summer months, it can be hard for your doggo to cool off, since their fur does such a good job at keeping them warm. Especially if your dog has long hair, they could need your help to stay cool and comfortable while you’re enjoying the sunny summer. 😁 Keeping your air conditioning on is one of the easiest ways to make your home a comfy place for your doggo. Even if you’re out for the day, your dog will appreciate the air conditioning while they’re at home. A fun way to cool down while playing outside is in a pool! 🏊 Your doggo will be excited to splash around in a dog pool or relax in a hard shell kiddie pool. If you don’t have a pool, you should at least make sure your doggo always has access to drinking water. 💧 Put out an extra bowl of cool or cold water to keep them hydrated and happy. You can also make sure your doggo has a nice shady spot to sit, or another cool area to relax. If you do still want to go on walks for exercise this summer, make sure you pay attention to when you go out. 🕑 Walking during the morning and night hours are better for keeping your doggo cool while still letting them enjoy being outside. Avoiding the outdoors could also help keep your doggo from overheating, and indoor activities like puzzle games or learning a new trick will entertain them without making them too hot. 🥵 For dogs with long coats, summertime is the perfect time for a fresh trim. If you’re planning on investing in pet clippers, make sure you can safely groom your doggo yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you should still brush them to help with heavier shedding they go through in the warmer months. There’s still always the chance that your dog doesn't cool off as much as they need to, so make sure you know the warning signs of overheating. ⚠️ You want to be able to get your dog the help they could need in the case of emergency. Watch out for heavy panting, heavy drooling, trouble breathing, rapid heartbeat, dark or red gums and tongue, dizziness, weakness, and agitation. Keeping your doggo safe and comfortable will mean a more pleasant summer for you and them. 😁


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