Do you have a needy dog? If so, you’re probably all-too familiar with that sad, pleading stare your pup shoots in your direction whenever they want something from you. It can be a real distraction, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on something important as their eyes follow you everywhere you go. Some breeds of dogs are just not content unless they’re busy doing something, and often that means you need to be doing something as well. In this blog, our independent pet supply store shares a few tips for keeping your dog occupied and avoiding that pathetic stare.


Dogs tend to get anxious when they have a lot of pent-up energy. Making sure that your furry friend gets plenty of exercise will alleviate a lot of this tension and make it easier for them to relax when you need them to. Plan a couple walks every day, or mix things up with a run, swimming, or a hike. Social situations, both with people or other dogs, are also great sources of stimulation.

Get Another Dog!

If you currently have an “only dog”, they are going to constantly be looking to you, and you alone, when they want to play. Adding a second dog to your home, while undoubtedly increasing your own workload in some ways, can alleviate tension in other areas. You may have twice the hair to vacuum off the furniture and more poop to scoop, but if your needy dog has a companion to play with, they will both require less attention from you when you’re home.

Interactive Toys

From the Flying Saucer to the Bona-A-Treat to our cute and cuddly Skinny Elephant squeaker toy, our independent pet supply store has an exceptional selection of interactive toys for dogs. Some allow you to hide treats inside them, giving your pup a challenge that is both fun and tasty. Our dog squeaker toys give the impression of a live animal which your pup can either approach as prey or as a cuddling companion. All of our toys are great ways to keep your dog active and engaged when they’re looking for something to do!

You might think your dog is begging for attention when in reality they just want something to keep them busy. Follow these tips for keeping your dog active and engaged, and you will both enjoy a healthy relationship without all the neediness and staring.

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