How To Keep Your Doggo’s Fur Clean Through Petting

How To Keep Your Doggo’s Fur Clean Through Petting

Hello!! 💜💜 The Yettie in the Pink Underwear is back today to tell you one of my secrets to keeping fur so nice! 🤫 Let me tell you, it’s not because I use a special styling product. 😂

How I Keep My Fur So Nice

For my fur, I use my breathable grooming glove, and it always has me looking nice right away! 😱 The glove is one size fits all, since the back is open, so me and all my children can all easily use it. 👍 You can even adjust how it fits on your hand with the velcro strap on the back! 💪✋ This grooming glove works by detangling your doggo’s knotted or matted hair, while also removing fur that’s loose from shedding. 🐩🐕 I use this glove brush all the time. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been out all day or if I just got out of the bath, because this grooming glove works on wet fur and dry fur alike! 💦✨ It’s made from flexible silicone that you and I can easily bend with our hands, to get into all the places that are hardest to reach. 😁 One of my favorite things about this glove, though, is that I can groom myself from the comfort of my own home! 🏠 I don’t have to spend a bunch of money at the groomer or have a bunch of strangers touching me to keep my fur looking great. 😬💵 The same goes for your doggo! They will love the comforting change in scenery for grooming. 💜😘

How Petting Strengthens Your Bond

Believe it or not, petting your pup (with or without the open grooming glove) is therapeutic for both you and your doggo! 🥰😇 If you’re showing them love in the right spots, petting can soothe dogs as well as causing an increase in their oxytocin levels. 😄🤣 Petting can also reduce your doggo’s heart rate (which significantly helps if they’re stressed or anxious). 💗💕 Touch is one of the ways that dogs can “read” people, meaning they can tell how you’re feeling based on physical interactions. 🤔🤯 Petting is also one of the ways a dog will keep up with each member of their family or their “pack.” 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The therapeutic benefits of petting are more well-known in humans. Giving your doggo attention can result in an increased oxytocin level, lower heart rate, and lower blood pressure for you. 👍❤️ While every dog is different, many dogs like to be petted in the same key spots. 🔑❗️ Remember, your dog won’t enjoy being petted in spots that make them uncomfortable. 🙅😡 Some good general places to pet your pup include their upper chest, butt or base of their tail, the base of their ears, under their chin, their shoulders and back (after they sniff you), and their belly (only if they show you it’s okay). 💖 Some people can have reactions to dog hair or sensitive skin that keeps them from petting their doggo often or at all. 😔😖 This lack of touch could cause a disconnect between you and your furry friend, but that’s where the open grooming glove comes in handy. 😧 This silicone grooming tool isn’t just for keeping your doggo’s fur looking nice, it also works as a comfort tool. 💜😁