Pet Grooming. Smell Good. We all Feel Good.

Pet grooming....a sometimes cumbersome task required by all pet owners. Many opt to send their pets to a groomers on a regular basis. Others simply cannot afford it. What's a pet owner to do? Let's start off by saying that dogs do not need to be bathed regularly. Some dogs are stinkier than others. How often you bathe your dog is up to you. I bathe my dogs about every 10 days, more often during rainy season when they happily track mud into my house.


Knowing your dog's coat is important, as they are all different. If your furry has itchy or dry skin medicated shampoos are sometimes the way to go. Having the right products in your home to care for your dogs hygiene is important. grooming essential set is a perfect foundation. It includes an exquisite micro fiber towel and washcloth. Sure to get your pup dry in no time. A slicker brush, perfect to remove all the mats on your doggie's coat. That brush makes my baby's fur so smooth and shiny. The set also contains a nail clipper, small comb, and aloe vera cleansing wipes. If I am in a pinch, I will even just wipe my furries with the wipes to get some of the ickiness off of them.

They say that a clean dog is a happy dog. They lie. A clean dog is a happy Human. :)

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