Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? We did, so we tried reading the minds of a few of our four-legged friends:


"Here we are again, guys. Mom's in the coffee shop, and we're out here. Oh, those donuts and scones smell good. Why do the humans get to have all the fun? We're good dogs. We deserve a treat. If we had a coffee shop, we'd let people in!"

"Uh-oh, I really did it this time. My human left me in the car with the window down to run into the post office. I hopped out to stretch my legs, but now I can't remember where the car is parked."

This sidewalk cafe was the best idea ever! I get to soak up the sunshine AND sample all the goodies that fall off the table.

Who's that big dog? Hey, you. Stop looking at me. Hey. Stop copying me. Hey. I'm not kidding.

Ah, there's nothing like a stroll through the plaza when the fountain's on.

Finally, something I do better than my human does. Here I am halfway up the steps, and he's looking at that silly fitness watch of his and complaining. Good grief, dude, you don't need to pant like that. You're a person, not a dog. Act like it!

"Finally, I've made it to the big city. Check out all the fancy buildings. Anybody know where the closest fire hydrant is?"

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