Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby

Get Your Dog Ready to Meet Your New Baby

So you find out you are pregnant (congratulations by the way!) and you want your dog and your new addition to become best friends. You have nine months to prepare your dog for the new baby in the easiest way possible for both you and your pup. Here are a few tips on making your dog comfortable around your little one:

1. Spend time with your dog before and after the birth

Before your little one arrives, try spending more time than usual doing activities with your dog like going for walks and going out to the park. Then after your baby is born continue to spend time with your dog and even incorporate the baby as well. You can still go for walks and go to the park with baby in tow.

2. Share the baby's scent

To get Fido accustomed to the baby, take an article with the baby's scent -- a blanket, shirt or soft toy -- and let your dog play or sleep with it. This will familiarize your pup with the baby and help it remember the baby is a part of the family.

3. Buy new treats or a new toy

What dog doesn't love treats? When baby is here and your dog is acting very well behaved, reward your pup with tasty treats they might not usually get. New toys work the same way. They will get excited and be eager to please you even further. There are many brands that specialize in all-natural dog treats and innovative products. is a pet marketplace that brings together independent pet brands so pet owners can discover contemporary products that are both pet friendly and durable.

4. Control negative behaviors early

If your dog exhibits negative behavior toward the newborn, stop the behavior immediately. It will be worthwhile to teach good manners early rather than letting things get out of hand. Command your dog to stop and say "NO." If need be, isolate the dog as punishment for bad attitudes toward the baby.

5. Pay attention to your dog's mood

Once your baby has arrived, you likely will feel tired and overwhelmed. Pay attention to how your dog is acting. If its behavior is normal and polite toward the baby, you are most likely making your dog feel comfortable and still an important part of the family. If you notice your dog beginning to act differently and experiencing bouts of fussiness or uneasiness, consider reaching out to a veterinarian to rule out the possibility of any overly aggressive behavior.

Introducing your baby to your dog might feel uncomfortable at first, but it also can be exciting and beautiful. Those first encounters between baby and pup will be memories to cherish and embrace forever.

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