5 reason you should adopt a shelter dog today


Adopting a Shelter Dog


5 Reasons to Add a Shelter Dog to Your Life

Whether you are a family of 10 or a single, adopting a dog is a great way to add companionship and a new family member into your household. When considering your options, consider adopting a shelter dog. Here are 5 reasons why you should adopt a shelter pup today:

1. You will be a lifesaver

When dogs are sent to a shelter, they often have not been well taken care of. For one reason or another, they were unable to stay in a caring home. Adopting a shelter dog means you are providing it with the home and loving family it deserves. You'll find most are eager to play and be loyal to owners that want them and will love unconditionally.



2. You will save money

Purebreds can cost thousands of dollars, while you can adopt a shelter dog for a fraction of that cost. Shelters offer extensive information on how to care for your animal, interact with it and respond to certain behaviors. Many shelters also offer shots and services such as neutering at lower prices than a vet's office. This can prove to be costly when purchasing a purebred on your own.

3. You are setting an example

If you are a parent with young children who look up to you, adopting a dog can show that caring for an abandoned pet is a sign of selflessness and love for humanity.

4. You are supporting a community of shelter pups

Shelters need funding to stay in business. When you adopt a dog not only are you decreasing the already overcrowded shelter, but you are contributing financially to the business itself, allowing it to pay for food and medicines and keep up the overall health of the animals.



5. It is good for you

Adopting a shelter dog can be good for your health. Adopting a new dog will require equal parts firmness, responsibility and compassion. When you find yourself telling other prospective dog owners how you rescued your dog, you will have a sense of pride and self-confidence in your ability to care for another creature.



Many shelter dogs come from broken homes and need your help in improving their well-being. Being knowledgeable on the different tools and products that hit the marketplace in the pet community can help ease your transition into pet-ownership.

Currently, there are millions of shelter dogs waiting to be adopted. It feels refreshing to know you have saved a life. Visit your local animal shelter today and find the dog that is the best fit for you and your family. You can search for your closest location at www.thehumanesociety.org.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog the world will change forever" - Karen Davison

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