10 Puppy Party Tips



Puppy Dog Party Ideas

It’s your pup’s big day, how will you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Every dog lover wants to make his or her pup’s day special for everyone. We’ve got 10 great ideas for your doggie’s next birthday bash.

10. Pick the Perfect Location! Whether it is in your backyard or your dog’s favorite park, make sure its doggie-friendly.

9. Is it a hot summer day? Set up some kiddie pools outside for your doggie and his friends to play and cool off.

8. What would a Birthday be without a cake? Spoil your pup with a cake of his own this year.

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7. Provide the perfect snacks. These 100% Natural Granola Dog Treats are perfect for all your dog’s furry friends.




6. What better way to celebrate than with Champagne? Spoil your dog with a bottle dog toy of Meow Chased!




5. While you are at it, check out these "Badd Ass" Dog Toy Pack with Skulls Ball and Liquor Bottle. Each pack comes with 4 toys, making them the perfect party favors!

4. While your dog is running and playing around, water is a must! These biodegradable plastic portable bowls come in packs of 12 are great for on the go.



3. What is more fun than a Photo Booth? A photo booth is a great way to capture wonderful memories while also leaving owners with fun souvenir!

2. More snacks! Can’t ever have too many snacks for your dog and his friends. Elk Antler Dog Chews are single ingredient dog chews that are sourced from naturally shed USA antlers.

1. Now most importantly, what will you be given your pup as a present this year? This Hidden Harness North Collection Gift Set comes complete with the following: Harness, Cushion Grip Leash and Pooch Pouch.



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