Five healthy summertime snacks for your pup

It may be summertime, but your favorite pup still needs healthy snacks to eat in addition to dog bones and cookies. Like people, pets thrive on a healthy diet. Finding simple and easy snacks for your dog is not as hard as it sounds - most of them are already in your kitchen. Puppies of all ages love chowing down on veggies, fruits, popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches and even elk antlers. With these fun snacks, you can feel good about feeding your pet the foods they love.

Pup Snack #1) Vegetables

Cooked or uncooked, dogs love to eat vegetables. They are obviously incredibly healthy for your best friend, providing both nutrients and fiber. Fresh green beans are an easy way to add wholesome snacks to a pet's diet, and they do not require any more work than purchasing and washing them. Carrots, both raw and cooked, are also a great addition to your pup's diet.

Pup Snack #2) Fruits

The next time you are looking for a refreshing snack for your canine best friend, check your refrigerator for chilled apples, blueberries, cantaloupe or strawberries. Dogs can handle these easily, especially if they are sliced. Apples should be thoroughly cored, as the seeds are dangerous for animals, but the slices of fruit are just fine. Your pet will love the flavor and freshness of the brightly colored fruits.

Pup snack apple

Pup Snack #3) Air-Popped popcorn

Did you know that dogs love popcorn? Movie night is just as fun for them as it is for us. Pets can eat unsalted popcorn as a treat. Popcorn is a great tool to train with, since the small pieces are a reward that does not weigh down their stomachs. The lower the sodium level the better, so look for popcorn that can be popped fresh on the stove whenever possible.

Pup Snack #4) Peanut butter sandwiches

It's no secret that pups go crazy for peanut butter. During the summer, unsalted peanut butter sandwiches are a perfect way for Fido to get protein and vitamins in an easily prepared way. Choose a soft, whole wheat bread to add even more heart-healthy nutrients. For an abundance of quick snacks or training tools, slice the sandwich into small squares. For an easy meal, cut it into quarters and let your pooch chow down.

Pup Snack #5) Elk antler chews

Although it may sound strange, naturally shed USA elk antlers are a fantastic dog treat. They are made with just one ingredient (elk antlers), which makes them a great choice for puppies to chew on without lots of harmful chemicals entering their bodies.

Summer may be a time to indulge, but pets still need to maintain a nourishing diet. Fresh, colorful foods make great snacks for doggies of all ages, and you will love the easy preparation required of these quick healthy treats. Your puppy can still enjoy specially made dog cookies on occasion, but veggies, fruits, popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches and elk antler chews make excellent summertime additions to gourmet pet treats and foods.

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