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Tips to Keep Dogs Safe in the Heat

During the summer, it is easy to become lazy with your pet's care. With summer heat waves, it's especially important to make sure your dog is receiving the proper care to maintain their health. During the summer, you should take extra precaution to protect your pet from fleas and ticks, exercise them regularly, keep their diet healthy and normal, use natural rawhides for cleaning their mouths, and scrub them down regularly. With the extra-long sunny days, mosquito-ridden nights and lots of outdoor time in general, remembering these five things will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Keep away the pests

It is easy to forget that your dog needs just as much protection from pests as you do, if not more. Remember to purchase a high quality flea and tick medicine specifically for the summer days. These medicines can be bought through an online pet store or a veterinarian, whichever you prefer.

Play with your pooch

Lots of exercise is a great way to keep your canine friend happy and healthy. Play fetch, go for a walk or visit the dog park; just make sure they get some exercise! Even taking a brisk thirty minute walk each day will encourage long-term health in both you and your pet.

Keep their diets healthy

There are plenty of tempting treats that dogs think they will love, including s'mores, grapes and avocados. As abundant as they are during the summer, remember that dogs have a difficult time handling ingredients like chocolate and fruit seeds. Instead, opt for feeding them fresh veggies or gourmet dog treats specially designed for canine stomachs.

Use natural rawhides for their mouths

Most pet owners know that rawhides are great for dogs to chew. They are said to encourage the natural chewing instinct and help improve dental health. For best results, purchase completely natural rawhides to give your pooch a cleaner, healthier mouth.

Scrub down often

With all the dust, dirt and sand swirling around during those hot summer days, regular baths become especially important for your pet. Ideally, your dog should be washed or at least rinsed in clean water every two weeks. This also discourages pests and keeps your dog's fur shiny.

Keeping your dog healthy during the summer months is no small task, but with a regular schedule and planning, it can be managed. Remember to keep things clean and fun with safe, healthy treats and regular baths combined with flea and tick medicine. Pets need love and care all year long, especially when the days start to heat up. Taking just a little extra care to make sure your pet is feeling great will go a long way. When your pet is well cared for, your dogs will spend their summer happily wagging their tails in thanks to their health-savvy owner.

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