It's summer, and there's no better time to play with your dog. Take advantage of the warm air and sunny skies with the following activities. Each one will give your canine companion a much needed workout.

Frisbee throwing

Playing fetch with your German Shepard or Golden Retriever is a great way to pass the time. Throw for distance across an open field, and watch as the dog tracks down and catches the frisbee. Try leading the retriever into high jumps by flicking the frisbee vertically. If you are lucky, the dog might perform a flip while catching the frisbee.

For beginners, make short throws that are within a few yards from where you are standing. The dog won't have as much time to react, so throw slowly. As you get comfortable throwing at this distance, extend the range of each frisbee throw until the dog is running far away. This is a fun activity that will keep the dog busy for a good half hour, and it will give your arm a decent workout.

Summer Activities for Dogs, Frisbee throwing


Spend a day at the dog park

The dog park contains several amenities that promote healthy activities for dogs. This includes large, open fields that are ideal for rambunctious puppies and athletic dogs that like to run around without a dog leash. Most dog parks also have fenced-in areas that are ideal for keeping pets in a confined place. This is great for socializing pets and keeping them safe. Usually, areas are designated by dog size, with a place for large dogs and a place for small dogs. Other things to look forward to at the dog park include water stations for hydrating and playground equipment such as a-frames, adjustable jump bars and agility walks.

Water sports for dogs

There are several activities that can be done in the water with your dog, including water retrieval, paddle boarding and swimming. For water retrieval, use pieces of wood or dog balls. Both are retrievable and provide the dog with a solid target to aim for in the water. Paddle boarding is ideal for lakes and calm ocean waters. The dog can relax on the board and look out into the waters as you paddle. Swimming with your dog is another way to spend an afternoon.

Run in the park

Running or jogging with your canine friend is a smart way to get it some exercise. Not only will it improve the cardiovascular health of the dog, it will also help maintain its agility and gait. Running alongside the dog also strengthens the bond between man and man's best friend.

The four summer activities listed above are safe and healthy for both the pet and the pet owner. Spend a day taking part in these activities and don’t forget to take a Pet First Aid Kit and ensure that your dog has plenty of water. Not only will you feel great, your pet will as well.

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