Summer is a season full of outdoor activity and your dog will want to enjoy it with you. Along with all of that outdoor fun, it is important to take special care of your dog. The summer gets hot and it is easy to go from playing to visiting the vet if proper precautions are not taken. Here are five important tips for caring for your dog this summer.

Keep your dog hydrated

The most vital thing to do is to keep your dog hydrated. Dogs often need water even more often than people, especially if the dog is constantly playing or has a thick fur coat. Always keep his water bowl full. When traveling or going for a long walk, it is important to take along plenty of water just for your dog. Disposable water bowls can make carrying water more convenient.


Dog care tips, keep your dog hydrated
Remember to keep your dog hydrated (Courtesy Rawle C. Jackman, Flickr CC)


Exercise your dog during cooler hours

Another way to avoid heatstroke is to exercise your dog during the cooler hours of the day. This means trying to keep the long walks or games of catch confined to the morning or evening hours. Doing so will also help both you and your dog stay cool and play longer.

Provide a cool place to rest

Between all of the playing and heat of summer, your dog is going to need a lot of rest. Make sure he has a cool, shady place to rest at all hours of the day. Sometimes just having a shaded bed isn't enough to cool down your dog. You can make your dog bed cooler by using a cooling pad.

Offer cooled treats and drinks

Your dog will enjoy a cool, refreshing treat as much as you at the end of a long day. Keep his water bowl in the shade to keep it cooler and refill with fresh water after exercise. You can also offer him cooled gourmet dog treats from the refrigerator or freezer. There is even ice cream for dogs to cool off after a hot day!

Check regularly for external parasites

Insects are abundant during the summer. Be sure to check your dog regularly for external parasites like ticks and fleas. It is particularly important to check your dog after visiting the woods or mountains, or if he has walked through any long grass.

Following these five simple tips this summer will keep your dog significantly healthier. A summer free of heatstroke and trips to the vet is a wonderful thing. You and your dog can then focus on enjoying a magnificent summer together.

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