Pet Care Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog

Dogs aren't just animal companions - they are beloved family members. These kids never grow up, though, so that means a lot of work caring for the fur babies. So here are 10 fun tips to cut down on the work involved in taking care of your dog:

Pet Care Tip #1. Multitask when it comes to walking the dog: Instead of just taking the dog for a walk, dog owners could take the dog - and themselves - for a run. Both dog and owner can get their daily dose of exercise. However, dog parents ought to prepare themselves if their furry friend runs faster than they do!


Pet care tip for taking care of your dog: Run with your dog
Owner Runs with Dog (Courtesy Brian Cribb Flickr CC)


Pet Care Tip #2. Put dog food in a pourable container: Instead of pouring a big bag into a little dish and having dog food fly all over the place, putting the dog food into a separate container will eliminate overflowing dog food and save money.

Pet Care Tip #3. Get a pet door: This can let the dog get out and do his business - especially when the owner is not home. Dog parents should make sure to get the type of pet door that lets only dogs (or the family cat) back in. Having a raccoon or possum show up in the kitchen is not anybody's idea of a good time!

Pet Care Tip #4. Use a tennis ball to get a dog to eat slower: Instead of letting the family dog wolf down the dog food like a competitive eater at a hot dog eating contest, putting a ball in the middle of the food bowl will help the dog slow down when eating.

Pet Care Tip #5. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of a urine smell: A 50/50 mixture of the two can help. Then sop it up with a paper towel and add a final sprinkle of baking soda. Make sure to clean up the baking soda quickly, though - it can be toxic to dogs.

Pet Care Tip #6. Use a shower cap on a dog when bathing it: The shower cap will keep soap from getting in the dog's eyes or ears. It is not a good idea, though, to use that same shower cap for humans again. Also, if the dog shakes around and gets water everywhere, it is just trying to give its human companion the same joy it has when it comes to getting wet!

Taking care of your dog pet care tip: Use a shower cap
Use a shower cap on your dog (Courtesy Matt Miller Flickr CC)

Pet Care Tip #7. Train the family dog to come to a particular word: Using treats to get the dog to come when the owner says a specific word or phrase, like "dog bone," can help the owner find the dog by calling for it if the dog were to break loose. Dog parents ought to make sure not to use any embarrassing words or phrases, though!

Pet Care Tip #8. Use a kiddie pool to cool off a dog: A children's round pool can work just as well to cool off a dog as it does to cool off kids. Keep in mind that the dog may end up trying to get his human wet, though, so it is important to make sure to have a towel around so the dog does not drip into the house.

Pet Care Tip #9. Use a glove to remove dog hair: Put on a rubber glove, wet it gently and then remove the dog hair from upholstery. This may also work on clothing and even on touching the dog (although the canine will not like it!)

Pet Care Tip #10. Use a squeegee to remove dog hair: For a large amount of dog hair, like on stairs, a squeegee can help remove the dog hair. It is not a good idea to use the squeegee on the dog, though!


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